Convert Labels to Annotation : No annotation features are created

Discussion created by MChilcott on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by in2gisgrl
If the Data Frame Properties, Extent Used By Full Extent Command is set to an area outside the data extent, conversion of labels to annotation will not create any annotations.

How to reproduce:
Create a new ArcMap Project
Add a layer to the data frame (Geodatabase layer from say a file geodatabase)
Set the layer properties for the labels
Label the feature class
Data Frame Properties  - General : Set the reference scale (as you would when converting labels to annotation)
Right click the layer : Convert labels to annotation.  Use the defaults �?? store in database, all features, feature linked
This works

Zoom to an area where there is no data
Data Frame Properties �?? Data Frame tab �?? Extent Used By Full Extent Command �?? Set to Other, current visable extent.
Zoom to full extent in map view �?? you should not see any features
Redo the above
The annotation feature class will have no features in it.

This is a bug �?? in the conversion dialog box, we had the �??All Features�?? enabled.