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ArcPro 2.3.2 Apply Raster Stretch Symbology using ArcPy

Question asked by JMossing on Oct 23, 2019

Is it possible to access all the raster symbology properties using ArcPy in pro? I am trying to classify a raster layer using Stretch, Standard Deviation, with a custom Color Scheme. I have tried to search here a good deal and all i keep finding is references to this page: Stretch function—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

However there is no arcpy code samples there. If it is possible to access these properties using arcpy can someone please point me to some code samples.


I might use ApplySymbologyFromLayer_management, however there is bug that is preventing this tool from applying the symbology when run from a script.


Ideally I would prefer a coding solution so i do not have to have a layer file. Thank you.#