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ArcGIS Pro hangs but is not 'not responding'

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2019
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After a few hours of monotonous work while preparing everything for a layout export the application suddenly decided to 'hang'. I can not click anywhere in the application. No buttons work, no sign of interaction except for the placement guides in the layout view. Those move, or rather, moved with my mouse since after a short while I can't even get the application in view. In task manager there is no 'not responding' message and cpu usage is varying between 0 and a few %. With about 1.6gb of ram used, as expected for this project.

The problem occured upon releasing left click while placing a new legend item. Luckily this is no basic functionality.


I'm using up to date ArcGIS Pro on an up to date W10 system.


Is there any way to save the data and work done on the project since the last save?

I know I should save every few minutes. I just forgot.

If I open the project again it opens in read-only (thus indicating that it's still open and active) and it's reverted to the last save.

If only there were an autosave