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Forms iOS Zoom/Pan Map Hang

Question asked by Dendroyka on Oct 23, 2019

Using the Xamarin.Forms "Change Basemap" sample from the Runtime GitHub. Simply added the enable location code to the Initialize method:


private void Initialize()
// Create new Map with basemap
Map myMap = new Map(Basemap.CreateTopographic());

// Assign the map to the MapView
MyMapView.Map = myMap;

// Wait for the MapView to load.
MyMapView.PropertyChanged += (o, e) =>
if (e.PropertyName == nameof(MyMapView.LocationDisplay) && MyMapView.LocationDisplay != null)
MyMapView.LocationDisplay.IsEnabled = true;


Debug the sample (using VisualStudio 2019 16.3.5), Do a bunch of zooming in and out and after a couple seconds, the app just hangs. I first saw it in my own app and decided to try and repro it with a sample. It seems to repro every time for me.


I think this may be the same issue as some random hanging in my production app that i'm getting reports of, but I can't reproduce it solidly in production.


Hope you can help. Thanks.