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What is the best way to share an initiative with a few members of the organization?

Question asked by MHOOLE_governmentofbc on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2019 by GHudgins-esristaff

In Hub premium - there are options to share initiatives to the initiative team, the org, or to the public (subject to role privileges to do so).


There is no option to share to groups via the Hub app, as there is for all other AGO items in your content (assuming role privies to do so).


We've found that you can share an Initiative by adding desired Org members to the initiative's "...Content" group.  Is this the only way to achieve this?   


It would be smoother and more intuitive if there was an option to share an initiative to groups (to support reviewing and approving content without being on the Team) via the Hub App where we currently have option to share to team/org/public.


Note:  Team members can add and edit content belonging to the site or initiative.

We want to:  Share initiatives to members to review/approve the site or initiative without giving them edit access to the initiative.