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LiDAR Comparison Methods

Question asked by gaspiras01 on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by gaspiras01

I am hoping to get some insight from others who are familiar with comparing multiple LiDAR surveys to one another. I have two LiDAR surveys with similar extents that I would like compare for elevation change. I have the point cloud .las files for each of them, so I am able to manipulate the original data in any way that is necessary.


So far, I have created 3 ft. resolution (1/2 the sampling density) rasters for each of the surveys using the same (IDW) interpolation method. I was hoping that by creating a grid of the same size for each of the surveys that I would get rid of any artifacts in the subtraction product. This has not been the case thus far as there is grid-like striping in the subtraction product. These artifacts result in about a +/- 3 feet error in the product. Maybe with a 3 feet grid spacing this is the best that I can hope for??


Does anyone have a comparison method that works well for them?