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Fail to restore WebGISDR on standby HA portal.

Question asked by hrmeagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Oct 21, 2019

I have set up a two-machine HA ArcGIS Enterprise site and a secondary hot DR site using the Automate replication to a standby deployment—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | ArcGIS Enterprise documentation. When restoring my backup on the standby site the Data Store and GIS Server restore successfully but the portal restore fails and my secondary portal machine is left unregistered. This is the error that the WEBGISDR utility gives:


Failed to restore the Portal for ArcGIS:

Url: https://my.portal.url/portal.
{"error":{"code":500,"details":null,"message":"Failed to import site. Failed to copy the content directory."}}

Failed to restore the Portal for ArcGIS.

The portal log has the following entries:

The specified path \\my.share.blob\fileshare01\arcgisportal\content\1571715757001 does not exist.

If I attempt to join the secondary portal that was unregistered as part of the webgisdr restore, it fails with this error:

The content directory is not the exact same content directory as the primary machine. Your primary and standby portal machines must use the same content directory.

The portal content directory is using azure premium file storage.