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Verifying Z-Values in DEM created from LAS dataset, and Contours created from DEM

Question asked by SannaWith on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by jimcousins

I have a large LAS Dataset, consisting of about 25 tiles.  I used the LAS Dataset to raster tool in order to create a raster surface from the Lidar data, the DEM itself prior to creation of the raster surface had Z-values.  The photo snip attached, snip_example_1, is how I processed the LAS dataset.  


Next from the DEM, contour lines were generated.  How I ran the tool is below attached, "Snip_example_2".  My main question here is what is the easiest way to verify there are Z-values on these contours?  They are to be utilized to create 3D surfaces eventually, but searching through the web and other sources I cannot seem to verify any actual methods to pretty much check the data for accuracy/elevation.  Any examples, tips?


Thank you