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How can I prune a Branch Versioned featureclass?

Question asked by kirkKuykendall on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by kirkKuykendall

Update: I've posted an idea here: Support the D(elete) in CRUD for Branch Versioning 

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Hi -


I have a branch versioned featureclass that has accumulated a good bit of history - there are multiple features with the same ObjectID. (GDB_Archive_ID is unique.)


How can I delete all but the most recent features, i.e., the ones having a maximum GDB_FROM_DATE for each unique ObjectID?


Update: this blog from 2 years ago says : 

Esri noted they are considering a prune task for a future release that would reduce the record counts in the base tables by combining older posted edits. 


After doing so, I would expect there to be no repeating ObjectIDs.  Currently all features have GDB_BRANCH_ID = 0.


I was expecting hoping to be able to do this with the Compress tool would do this. But it says:


This tool is not applicable for enterprise geodatabases that use branch versioning.

  Besides, I'd really like a tool that compresses prunes just the feature class (or table) and not the entire geodatabase.


Would I break anything if a ran an SQL script that deleted all but the most recent rows?


Thanks, Kirk