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LabelingInfo on 4.13 JS API

Question asked by azotos on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by azotos

Hello everyone!


I have a question concerning the ArcGIS JS 4.13 API

Up until now I've been using 4.12 version of the API to show a hosted Feature Layer containing Polygon geometries. To that, I have added a labelingInfo object in order to show a Field from the data of the Polygons. In 4.12 many labels were shown throughout the map even without zooming.

After updating to 4.13, the number of labels has been reduced almost by half without changing anything in the code. I don't see anything relevant in the Changelogs though I think that the change happened for optimisation purposes.


Is there a way to change the density of the shown labels? There isn't anything mentioned in the docs concerning such an option


Thank you everyone in advance!


PS. I can provide screenshots if needed