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Can you record a number value instead of descriptive attributes?

Question asked by snichols8 on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by snichols8

I am evaluating this to see if we can use it for aerial wildlife surveys. For the most part, I think it will work. However, my question is, can you capture a number? We collect information such as activity, canopy cover, and snow cover which fit in nicely with the workflow. One other important observation is group size. Is there a way to capture group size as a unique number? Speed of data entry is critical in these surveys, and seconds can make a difference.


One workaround I can see is taking advantage of a user input and then having field staff type in the number. However, a number pad option would be ideal where the numbers could just be tapped instead of having to pull up the keyboard. Is this possible? Is this is in the works for upcoming updates?


Thanks for any help or insights on this.