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How to show Device Location using ArcGIS SDK in Java

Question asked by fuzail8 on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by fuzail8

I am working on JavaFX desktop application that uses the ArcGIS SDK v100.6.0. I've observed that the ArcGIS SDK for .NET provides Location related classes (like Location and LocationDataSource) which can be used to handle device location data. However, i couldn't find any location related classes in the ArcGIS Java SDK. i want to show a device's location on the MapView. Can someone please provide a reference or code to accomplish that in java. Also, please state what classes are there for handling location data like position, accuracy, course, velocity, lat, long etc as we have in .NET SDK.  The official ArcGIS Java 100.6.0 documentation (Show the device's location—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java | ArcGIS for Developers ) isn't much helpful.