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Using Arcade to Display Multi Criteria Symbology

Question asked by 232941 on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by kenbuja

Hi all!

So, I'm very new to the world of Arcade, and I'm trying to display data based off of two main attributes.

$feature.Status denotes if and when a point has been inspected. (i.e. Inspected - 2019 (Incomplete) )

$feature.tmpCondition denotes the quality of the point, ranging from poor to excellent.


I'm trying to develop a custom arcade expression to display this logic.

If status is "to be inspected", label as "to be inspected".


If tmpCondition is any of {poor, below minimum tolerable, unknown} AND status is any of {2017, 2018 complete, 2018 incomplete), label as "reinspect".


If tmpCondition if any of {poor, below minimum tolerable, unknown}, AND status is {2019 complete}, label as "inspected - 2019 (fail)".


If status is {2019 incomplete}, label as "Inspected - 2019 (Incomplete)". 


If status is any of {2019 complete, 2018 complete, 2018 incomplete, 2017}, label as "Inspected - 2019 (Pass)".


If it doesn't fit in any of these, label as "to be reviewed". 


Here's what I've got for code so far - I know well in advance it is not correct.


When( $feature.Status== ‘To Be Inspected’, ‘To Be Inspected’,

$feature.tmpCondition== ‘Poor’ || ‘Below minimum tolerable' || 'Unknown' && $feature.Status== ‘Inspected – 2017’ || ‘Inspected – 2018 (Complete)’ || ‘Inspected – 2018 (Incomplete)’, ‘Reinspect’

$feature.Status== ‘Inspected – 2019 (Complete)’ && $feature.tempCondition== ‘Poor’ || ‘Below minimum tolerable’, ‘Inspected – 2019 (Fail)’,

$feature.Status== ‘Inspected – 2019 (Incomplete)’, ‘Incomplete – 2019’,

$feature.Status== ‘Inspected – 2019 (Complete)’ || ‘Inspected – 2018 (Complete)’ || ‘Inspected – 2018 (Incomplete)’ || ‘Inspected – 2017’, ‘Inspected (Pass, 2019)’,

'to be reviewed' )


Thanks in advance, I'm really stuck here.