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Navigator for ArcGIS - Change direction units to km

Question asked by smas01 on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2019 by smas01

I created a road network using ArcMap 10.6 in Projected Coordinate System (PDO_1993_UTM_Zone_40N - meters). I have one travel mode in this network(car). there is no restriction attribute in my road network and i am using length(meters) as default impedance and i have travel time as well. I have defined the driving directions (km) as follows.


Directions Configured: Yes
General Directions:
Display Length Units: Kilometers
Length Attribute: Length
Time Attribute: TimeInMin
Source Directions:
Street Name Fields:
Name: NAME
Suffix Type: TYPE


Using Make a Map with your own data tutorial I did the following steps:

  • I used ArcGIS Pro 2.4 to created a custom basemap
  • Added the road network layers to this basemap.
  • Created a new map and added this basemap to it.
  • Executed the "Create mobile map package" tool to create a package.
  • Executed "Share Package" to share it on ArcGIS Online.

Now the issue is when i am using it in Navigator for ArcGIS i am getting a route in miles and i am not finding any option to change it to km.

My main concern is when i create and share the mobile map package i want to use km to be default unit for route.