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Why is it so hard to add and edit coded values to domains in ArcGIS Pro?

Question asked by wbrewer.CALFIRE on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by tpcolson

Access to fields and domains has improved in ArcGIS Pro. However, one key function is still missing and some functionality was not carried over from ArcMap.

1. Loss of functionality - Pro automatically alphabetizes the domain list based on the domain code without warning after a code is added and the domain/field window closed out. It did not do this in ArcMap.

                  GOOD - Original Domain Order                 New Value Added                 BAD - Realphabatized Domain Order       Ex -DESRIED DOMAIN ORDER NEW VALUE ADDED 

This is undesirable because we want a specific domain order that puts the most highly used domain values higher on the pick list for an application like Collector. We do not want to use a 1,2,3,4 etc. coding system for domains because AGOL and ESRI products in general do a poor job allowing export domain descriptions instead of domain codes. We want to share a feature service from AGOL with partners and have allow to them to export a legible (excel, shp) dataset.


2. Missing Functionality - Why can we not manually reorder domain coded values in Pro? The 'Sort Coded Value Domain' tool needs more functionality besides just sort by ascending/descending. In the ESRI ecosystem the only way to do this is in AGOL. It should belong in Pro too.