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How do we set Schematic Root to run Hierarchial - Main Line Layout Task using ArcObjects .NET

Question asked by majetivaraprasad on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2019 by majetivaraprasad

Hi Team,


Could someone please help me in setting Schematic Root while running Hierarchical - Main Line Layout Task on a Schematic Layer using ArcObjects .NET.


Below is the code I am using to run this Layout Task. However, I did not find how and where to set the Schematic Root.


ISchematicAlgoMainLineTree pSchAlgoMainLnTree = new SchematicAlgoMainLineTreeClass();

pSchAlgoMainLnTree.Direction = esriSchematicAlgoDirection.esriSchematicAlgoLeftRight;
pSchAlgoMainLnTree.AbsoluteParameters = true;
pSchAlgoMainLnTree.Execute(pSchLayer, null);



Thanks in advance!


With Regards,

Vara Prasad