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License Server Administrator, the VPN and Portal not playing together

Question asked by datascience_SAEON on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2019 by aam-esristaff

I am trying to set up the license server administrator so that it works for my organization.


We are using portal 10.7.1 and my users are GIS Professional Advanced.


We are using portal 10.7.1. I have set up the licensing server 2019 on our portal machine and up until a few weeks ago it was easy for named users to use the portal top authorize their ArcGIS PRO.


then something changed.


Now only 3 of my users can use the portal to Authorise ArcGIS PRO and they are all on the same local network.


The other users (some of whom are on a different network) have this problem. When they are on the VPN they cannot access our portals URL. So this means that ArcGIS PRO cannot find the portal to perform the authorization. However, they can ping the machine that is running the licensing server and can get a response.


If they disconnect from the VPN they can access the Portal URL, however when we try to use the URL to authorize ArcGIS PRO we get the following message: A valid ArcGIS Licensing manager for your licensing portal cannot be found on the specified host.


which is not true because there is a valid one running as some users CAN access the licensing server.


So, I need to figure out if this is a network issue or if its a configuration issue or what.


I have edited the service.txt as follows:


SERVER this_host 00505690f6eb 27000


and I have enabled 27000 and 27009 on the firewall


But still no luck.


I then checked ands saw that there were occasionally issues with the flexlm service and that the users fixed it by adding FLEXLM_TIMEOUT with a value of 100000000 to their environmental variables. I have done that on the server and client machines and this has not helped.


So my question is. how does ArcGIS Pro communicate with the licensing server when it is not on a local network? if I know that then I may be able to start troubleshooting this.


Also, is the GIS Professional advanced user type one that can be solely administered via the portal or is there a requirement for them to use arcGIS online?


in terms of solutions, the best I have found is a vague mention of an http tunneling server but I cant find the details of how this is configured.

Named User licensing in ArcGIS Enterprise—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


Also, If anyone else has had this sort of problem then please let me know how you fixed it!


Kind Regards

Hayden Wilson