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Best Way to Calculate Millennials in 5-Years

Question asked by Robin_Tampaedc on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by AKavanagh-esristaff

In 2019 Millennials will turn 23 - 38 years old.  In the next five years they will be 28-43.  If I want to see the five-year projection of the total millennials in 2024, do I use the same age group 23-38 in 2019 for 2024 or do I use the age group 28-43 in 2024?  I noticed when I did the latter the total projection number was lower than the 2019 number.  


2019 Ages 23-38

2024 Ages 23-38


2024 Ages 28-43


Which 2024 projection age is the correct one to use?