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Question asked by ASchutzberg-esristaff Employee on Oct 12, 2019
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MOOC Student writes referring to a storymap exercise in Going Places with Spatial Analysis:


I had the same issue [Gray box instead of map appears when adding a map from ArcGIS Online] on an older Hewlett Packard dv6 Pavilion laptop running Windows 7 sp1 at screen resolution of 1366 px x 768 px using Mozilla Fire Fox browser with noScript and Disconnect security addOns, with all of the page's javaScripts (re)enabled locally using noScript.  Cookies on.

Mine only started working a second ago after I logged off, closed the FF Private Window, and opened a fresh FF Private Window and logged back on to (so maybe Story application is handling javaScripts in a wrong-headed way? -- they are in general different on each subsequent page, and some of us NEED to use javaScript filters, ...).  May also have been a Disconnect problem.  Disconnect updated itself prior to or during my browser session -- which is what led me to log out and close that FF instance and then open a new one and log back in when things kept not working.  

Screen resolution is ALWAYS two numbers -- horizontal x vertical -- so not sure what [...] your support people mean by a SINGLE number: "960 pixels" -- and I'm a former Ph.D.-level developer, so don't try to explain -- just have them see the link for bare bones basics before they edit the requirements page entry.)