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Validate Topology with large datasets?

Question asked by Alistair.Quinn_qgsp on Oct 9, 2019

I have a large polygon data set (~400,000) I want to check for overlaps. I have written a python script I have used for smaller data sets, which uses topology rules in order to find them. However when applying it to larger data sets I get the following error:

A failure was detected inside the topology engine overlay processor. [error id: 150]
Cannot register as versioned on this database.
Failed to execute (ValidateTopology).

I was hoping I could use some polygons to partition the process, but the only option I could see was visible_extent which does not seem suitable regardless:

If run in the Python window or in a Python script, the entire extent of the topology will be validated regardless of this parameter setting. (from Validate Topology—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop )

Is there a way to approach this other than splitting the data set prior to validation?