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How to setup an ArcGIS counter for a cloud formation stack

Question asked by mschonlau on Oct 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2020 by mschonlau

I have deployed an AWS elastic load balancer (ELB) CloudFormation template along with a stand-alone ArcGIS Server CloudFormation template (10.7.1). My ArcGIS Server site has a file server and two ArcGIS Server nodes. I am hoping to setup an ArcGIS counter in Monitor to look at this new ArcGIS Server site.


I'm having trouble figuring out which EC2 Security Group rules I need to enable so Monitor can see this new site. I have this setup in Monitor for two other ArcGIS Server sites, but they were not built with CloudFormation templates.


I've tried adding inbound All TCP rules for both my Monitor security group and the elastic ip of my Monitor server to the CloudFormation stack security group, but that hasn't worked. I tried doing the same for the ELB security group, but that didn't work either. 


Anyone have thoughts on how this should be setup? Thanks