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crowdsource reporter app - insert report with AGOL viewer account

Question asked by davy.goethals_arcadis_be on Oct 10, 2019
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I got the question to investigate the option of creating an app where projectmanagers can input their projects information and draw a simple contour of this on a map. Some research let me to the Crowdsource Reporter App. There, anyone who has access to this app, can enter their project information (in theory).

The app works fine, when you have editing rights. The projectmanagers would only have viewer rights (level 1). So this is where the problems appear.

My thought was, that inviting the projectmanagers to the group where this app is shared with, would allow them to insert their projects. I tested this with a colleague who has these viewer rights, and it turns out this is not possible. They can enter the application with their account, but cannot submit a new report.

Now, here’s the weird part. I could allow anonymous login to the app, and these guests, can submit reports. So a guest can do more compared to an ArcGIS Online viewer in our organisation.

Is this something we can overrule in our privileges of these viewers? Or am I missing something else?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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