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Improving Lag time Between Editing Tools

Question asked by on Oct 8, 2019
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When I'm editing in Pro, switching between say the line to an arc tool seems to have a bit of a lag before the next tool I select is enabled.  Often I am using hotkeys or keybinds ("accelerators" in Pro terms) and finding the lag which I didn't encounter in ArcMap to be a problem as I am finding I'm sitting and waiting for the tool to switch over and many times I have to undo the last thing I did because it didn't switch the tool over fast enough.


  Granted I do have an older Windows 7 computer with 3.30GZ i5-4590 CPU and 16GB ram, but wasn't sure if that's part of the problem or if this just seems to be the norm in all of ArcPro regardless of computer power?


  It reminds me in MS Office where it has a sort of animation when you type that to turn of you have to get into your windows Advanced Settings and change the Visual Effects to have Animate controls and elements inside windows off.


  Just don't know if there is something I can do to stop this type of laggy issue which I feel might be linked to visually updating the editing toolbar when a new tool is selected?