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Graphics Layer does not show in Chrome

Question asked by AlainBlaster on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by AlainBlaster

I am using ESRI JS API 4.12.

I create geometry for a poly line and add it to a Graphics Layer.

I add the Graphics Layer to the map.

The map has no base map only feature layers.


In Chrome and on my machine only (Windows 10 Pro x64)

  - the layer is listed in layer list widget

  - but the graphics does not show!


My dev machine uses a not so powerful on-board graphics.

Its a DELL Optiplex 9010 SFF.


The layer shows in IE 11 and in Edge.


On my co-worker machine a gamer laptop (but using on board graphics not added graphic card) we have established that we can reproduce the same Chrome specific behavior by turning Use Hardware Acceleration off in Chrome settings. With Hardware Acceleration off the graphics show.


It appears that the problem is related to graphics rendering capabilities and possibly WebGL.

Perhaps on the gamer machine the diminutive graphics capability are still higher than mine and graphics shows with hardware acceleration off. 


It all works in IE and Edge but it is a lot slower but it shows.


Has anyone else experiences this anomaly?

Is there a tweak that can be done to make it work on Chrome?


Its a case of "does not work on my machine"!

That's when you really want to fix it as a developer!