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Add Geographic Coordinates to Image's EXIF Metadata

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Oct 6, 2019
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I'm about to embark on an 18 day raft trip on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park. (Can you say bucket list?)  My phone is a battery hog and even if it weren't I'm not sure a solid view of the GPS satelites will be available from the bottom of the canyon.  Consequently, I'll be using two point and shoot digital cameras to capture my adventures.


I've been searching the web for some sort of EXIF editior with which to add Geographic Coordinates to my images.  It's sort of a mixed bag.  I downloaded one to my android tablet, only to find that in order to geotag an image, one navigates on a google map to the 'location' and with a finger press (or mouse click) you choose that location.  Pretty clunky at best.  This recent geonet post provides a python solution.


Does anyone know of a way to actually open the image metadata and enter the Lat Long pair needed for a geotag?