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Accessibility for 2020 Election / updated VPAT

Question asked by jmundt@CO.WELD.CO.US_weldgov on Oct 8, 2019

In preparation for the 2020 election, we are attempting to put together some maps and forms.   ESRI does not have (or I have not found) updated VPATs for ArcGIS Online, Survey123, Dashboards, or WebAppBuilder applications.   Further, I am unable to scan the maps with WAVE, I get an unauthorized key error.   Statements from ESRI technical support indicate that we should assume these resources are NOT accessible, but I have been asked for a timeline or at minimum a VPAT to assess the current state at a formal level in support of election processes.   


From technical support: 

"Thank you so much for providing those points, and I can confirm that our development contacts have received that information. My two contacts have looped in the development team leads on the issue and have confirmed that currently, Operations Dashboard does not meet WCAG and ADA compliance requirements. They have also looped in the product manager that covers accessibility, which includes the VPAT documents. I'm not sure how quickly everything will be changed or updated, unfortunately. However, I do know that our Accessibility product team is fairly responsive on Geonet, at least when there are questions asked of them: This may be a better resource to get direct answers to questions, rather than going through three different parties to get answers."


Can you assist?