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The Layer, <layer_name>, cannot be added to the map" Certificate issue? but then... "Importing CA certificate failed"(10.4.3 Server on Linux)

Question asked by hfoster on Oct 6, 2019
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The Layer, <layer_name>, cannot be added to the map” / Certificate issue? / “Importing CA certificate failed”


I’m getting a “The Layer, <layer_name>, cannot be added to the map” error message for a layer served from my ArcGIS Server when accessed from an map.   Certificate problem?  I’ve purchased a C.A. for use in Apache2 (Ubuntu machine) and it works fine and I’ve attempted to install the C.A. via the importRootOrIntermediate procedure via https://<site>:6443/arcgis/admin.  However, I get the un-helpful error message “Importing CA certificate failed.” (!?).  One possibility is that I received my certificate in “p7b” format and not the required the ‘.pfx” format, and thus I converted it via the following procedure:


openssl pkcs7 -print_certs -in my_certificate.p7b -out my_certificate.cer

openssl pkcs12 -export -in my_certificate.cer -inkey mykey.key -out my_certificate.pfx -certfile CA.cer

## Note: CA.cer converted from CA.crt using a Microsoft procedure.


But no-go.  Any advice welcome.