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Differences between Portal HA machines

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2019
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I am troubleshooting some issues and came across differences between machines in our Portal HA and am wondering how to "sync" or force the one I think is correct to update the other.


When I go to machine1/arcgis/portaladmin/security/sslCertificate I have two certificates with one missing (machine one is standby)

When I go to machine2/arcgis/portaladmin/security/sslCertificates I have the correct three certificates (machine two is primary)

(In a testing environment the same issue exists but the one with the correct certificates is the standby machine)


There is also a question of what else is different that I cannot see. At this stage the index is the same.

I am thinking that a "sync" button to force the config on each machine to update will fix the issue? or something similar?

I didn't want to just add in the missing certificate to the first machine in case there were other differences that I wasn't aware of.