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chess box

Question asked by rmehta9 on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by rmehta9

Image size are from 2gb to 30gb, the images are stored in blob and accessed in ArcPro using .acs file

Below steps are followed and still the chess boxes appears


1. Why chess box are appearing for release even after following all the steps suggested in goto meeting when source image is in blob Azure [tried MRF,jp2].

2. Why overview does not help to get rid of the chess boxes to great extent but not 100%, and why the size of overview is huge [in some cases overview are too small and chess box keep appearing]?

The size of overview on publish folder will lose advantage of putting in blob.


Steps followed

Create a new file geodatabase and create a new empty mosaic dataset in this

  • Add the raster files in the Azure Blob data store to the mosaic dataset
  • Add the mosaic dataset as a layer to the map
  • Register the file geodatabase as a data store with ArcGIS Server (keeping the Azure Blob registered)
  • Publish the map with the reference registered data option checked

 Also build overviews : 

   1. add raster

   2. define overviews

  3. build overviews

Copied the files to the folder which is share between 2 servers and are registered