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Arcgis Pro: Create polygons from outlines of unclosed lines

Question asked by themightkutku on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2019 by themightkutku

First a disclaimer: I have very few experience with Arcgis, i usually use Qgis and only recently started using Arcgis Pro.



I have a River dataset from the Natural Earth Site, then made its symbology thickness vary depending on its "strokeweig" attribute. Exemple Map

My goal is relatively simple: Creating a polygon that follows the outlines of this river line with variable thickness.

At first i saw two main ways of doing it:

1) Simply creating a polygon and drawing it (using the Freehand tool) so that it follows the outline of the rivers, however this is time consuming, and the fact the size of the river change when zooming prevents accurate drawing.

2) Exporting the river alone as a raster, then creating a polygon out of that raster, however I would have to reasign coordinates for this new polygon, which would bring some inacuracies.


-- Most of the Internet tutorials i saw recommended using the "Construct Polygon" tool, however it doesn't work on unclosed lines, and it only creates polygons out of the few rivers that join back. (Exemple here: )

So I have a question, is there a way to directly (as automatically as possible) create a polygon out of the shape/outlines of these river line (with their symbology) without either having to draw polygons by hand or exporting it as a Raster image.

Thanks for your answers.