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Arcgis pro time slider erroneously cumulate data

Question asked by nRogerGouv on Oct 4, 2019


I noticed what looks like a bug in ArcGis Pro (and arcgis Online too in fact).

I have a Map server displaying some point features with a temporal field. Everything works fine in ArcMap 10.5: When I change the date on he time slider, the data on the map change accordingly (I have the timeslider set to steps of 1 day each). But when I load the same data in ArcGis pro or if I create a webmap in ArcGis Online from the same data, then the data is displayed as if it is cumulated between 2 dates.

For exemple, If I set the max date in ArcGis Pro timeslider to 2019-10-4 and I set the time slider to October 1st, then the map display all data point from october 1st to october 4th!

What am I doing wrong? You will find my timeslider settings below (But, as I said above, the same bug occur in ArcGis Online too!):