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Lidar Data Processing, (Diagonal gray lines across extent for some of downloaded Lidar data)

Question asked by SannaWith on Oct 4, 2019
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I am having issues with some Lidar data I am trying to process to create elevation surfaces from.  I downloaded the data online, and used Martin Isenburg's LasZip software, (which decompresses the Lidar data from a .laz to .las format).  Next I created a new .LAS dataset in ArcMap, and added the newly decompressed .LAS files as well as calculated the statistics, (in order to filter ground, buildings, different features, etc..)


Everything was fine and I had gotten most of it processed, when I saved my MXD the other day.  I went to re-open it today and across some of the tiles had diagonal gray lines running through them.  This happened to me one other time, but just with a few tiles so it was an easy fix and replace.  Now it appears to have happened to half of my data, and I cannot figure out why.  I attached images to attempt to clarify further what I am talking about.  The new .LAS dataset created in ArcMap is stored in a folder, when the data was first brought into ArcMap and for the past couple of days while working on it everything was fine.  Has anyone had this issue before, or have any idea what to do here?


(On the, "Lidar_Issue_1", photo attached you can see the parallel tile has multi point return data on it, while the other tile next door has diagonal gray lines and no Lidar data on it, but did a few days ago.  The second attached image has a wider extent showing multiple tiles with same issue.)


No files have been deleted, changed, etc. on my end to cause this, really unsure why this is happening..


Any help appreciated, Thank you.