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When passing a URL through Arcade Pop-up editor "&" gets "amp;" added

Question asked by jmontroy on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by jlebowitz-esristaff

I'm configuring a basic pop-up within a Web Map using Arcade expressions.  For one of them I build a URL from an intersecting layer which is passed through to an image to be clicked.  When I test the expression the result is what is expected.  However, when I click on the image to which the expression is attached the URL is returned with "amp;" added directly after the "&" which breaks the link. 

And test results:

Actual passed URL:



I've tried UrlEncode() on both the full string as well as just the & and while it does encode the URL does not work.  I've also tried encapsulating in text() but the & still gets converted at some point.