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AGOL dashboard

Question asked by papageno1234 on Oct 2, 2019



I am seeking help for implementing a particular AGOL dashboard task.

I got temperature measurements over time (every 20 min over 5 days) simultaneously at multiple locations.


I'd like to allow a web map user to choose a certain time and would like the Series Chart to be updated.

However, I could not find any solution allowing such action-triggered update of the Series Field of the respective Series Chart.


my data basically looks like this:


Location IDtime 1time 2time 3time 4...time 165
122.25 °C23.2 °C20.11 °C22.11 °C21.25 °C
221.55 °C20.51 °C21.6 °C22.43 °C20.5 °C
...22.85 °C22.05 °C22.99 °C22.44 °C21.8 °C
8522.75 °C21.33 °C20.25 °C22.32 °C20.56 °C


Any idea how to solve that?