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Get PortalUser objects that belong to a group

Question asked by azatrain on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by azatrain

I am writing a tool that allows one user to share content created offline with other users.  Here's how it currently works:


  • User consumes feature service shared with them through a portal group and creates an offline geodatabase
  • User created new content within that offline geodatabase
  • User wants to share that content with other users who also have access to that same feature service


Pseudo Code is as follows:

  • I get a list of all groups in the Portal with which that feature service has been shared
  • I then cursor through all the collections of Admins, Members, and Users for each of those groups creating a master list of users that are eligible for sharing
  • All of those properties kick back the portal user id as a string


What I want to do is get the first and last name of each portal user to display in a list.  To do that I need to get a PortalUser object and I haven't found the combination of calls to make that happen.  I headed down this direction:


PortalQueryParameters gParams = PortalQueryParameters.CreateForItemsWithId(portalItem.ItemId);
PortalQueryResultSet<PortalUser> pUsers = await ApplicationManager.SessionManager.Portal.FindUsersAsync(gParams);


The portal item is the feature service and I figured this would give me all the PortalUser objects that had access to it, but it comes back with nothing.  I tried a couple of different but similar calls and none return any PortalUsers.


Anyone have any ideas on this?  Thanks in advance for your help ...