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Pull data from raster across multiple buffer zones

Question asked by Jmadamski on Oct 2, 2019

I'm attempting to quantify canopy cover within buffer zones around Pennsylvania. Sites were collected by the Fish and Boat Commission, I've applied a 5000m buffer around each site. I have a simple canopy raster I pulled from the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access. Grids are either open or closed canopy and it has a 1m resolution. I was using the Tabulate Area tool under Spatial Analyst, and this worked for many counties. But now I'm getting odd values for this last county. Sites should be in the ballpark sum of 90 million grid squares for a buffer zone, but I have sites that are showing small values in the ballpark of just 50 grid squares. I'm thinking it's excluding area that's overlapping between sites. Anyone know another tool I can use to get this information? Thank you!