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Server admin connection in Pro ?

Question asked by nfazer_midlandcounty on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by rleclair-esristaff

I'm configuring a new enterprise deployment and have some limited experience connecting to a standalone server prior to 10.6.1. In Catalog when adding a new Server, I could connect using 3 options - Use, Publish, Administer.  I could add an "admin" connection to the Server in Catalog, and perform some admin functions through that connection by right clicking and going to Server Properties.


I've tried replicating this with my new setup in Pro on a Federated Server and Portal and no matter what server address, port, and/or login I use, Pro just connects as a user (even if I use an admin account from Portal) and there are no admin or management functions tied to that connection. Am I missing something or is that how Esri unfortunately designed it? I've tried the Add ArcGIS Server connection in Pro and as soon as I type in the address of my server, it grays out the Authentication box.


How do I manage my Server in Pro? Or can't I anymore? Does Pro not give us those 3 options anymore? I'm assuming no because those roles are now tied to Portal users and roles? Could this be any more confusing?


Update: I was able to create an Admin connection in Catalog 10.6.1 using the server admin address and the Portal admin account. So that works in Catalog. Can we no longer do that in Pro?