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Filter by date not showing correct results in web map?

Question asked by szelonis_mcpd on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by rborchert

Hi - I have a Portal 10.7.1 web map with a registered feature service in it. The feature service has a time zone property set to Eastern Standard Time with Daylight Savings (this is the time zone the data are in). There is one date field in the data. The pop-ups and attribute table for the feature service correctly display this date data, however, when I filter the date field via the web map (or the filter widget in WAB), it displays incorrect results. The filter gives results for the day AFTER the day that I filter. For example, if I filter "DateField is on 9/26/19", the attribute table and map will show all the records where the date field is 9/27/19. I've attached a screenshot showing this example. 


I've tried deleting/publishing a new service, setting time properties in Pro vs Server Manager, publishing from Pro vs ArcMap...all yield the same thing. I have a ticket in with Tech Support but they are stumped and I'm hoping someone in the community has advice.