How do you keep track of data and item dependencies?

Discussion created by itdwaddt on Oct 2, 2019
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As our needs have changed over the years, we have far more apps, custom tools/scripts/models, Data Reviewer tests, etc., then we've ever had in the past.  If one field name or value is changed in our SDE database, it is possible that numerous things downstream would need to be updated to reflect that one small database change. These are a nightmare to keep up with.  While we try not to change anything in our database now, sometimes it is inevitable (shout out to all of you who are preparing for NG-911, I feel your pain!) 


I was wondering how you keep track of all of your agency's data dependencies.  I started out with an Excel document that had the feature class name, field name, and domain name, with another column for the "item" that I might need to update if the field or domain changed.  It's up to more then 2300 listings and I haven't even finished plugging in the names of all of my Data Reviewer tests.  Now I'm leaning towards making an Access database that would run in a similar fashion but be easier to search on; I've done quite a bit of research and other then coming across this link for Item Dependencies (Mapping Item Dependencies Across ArcGIS Enterprise with Python and d3), I haven't found any programs that could help, no useful advice.  There has to be a better way. 


I'd love to hear how you've been keeping track of all of your data and everything tied to it.


-Terri Waddell

Aiken County Government