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Using image-map in Survey123 Connect

Question asked by twra05 on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by adaml

I want to use the new image-map appearance feature in Survey123 Connect.  We have a reservoir where we would like to ask the public for their feed-back on where we should do habitat improvements.  I have a map of the reservoir where I have subdivided the reservoir.  I've exported the map to SVG and that didn't work.  I've taken a .eps version of the map into Adobe Illustrator and created transparent paths on top of each section of the map and exported the art board to SVG.  I can see the map in my survey and I've used the <path> id as a name in my choices list.  In short, I think I've done everything the way I'm supposed to but I cannot get it to let me click on one of the sections.  What am I doing wrong?Brett Stokes