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How do I access a gdb once I publish my geoprocessor

Question asked by hone_j on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by hone_j

Hi I am trying to publish a geoprocessing service.


I have a gdb file that is on a server that I am using as my worskpace, it contains a couple of tiffs to clip depending on a user drawn polygon.


arcpy.env.workspace = r'\\\preprodcontentstore\Jim\BSelect.gdb'


Once I publish my gp srvice it is unable to find this file, it fails as it doesnt find the features to clip.


How do I host this GDB on the server so my GP can access it, I assumed as it was on the server it would find it but maybe the path is different from there Im not sure.


Do I need to publish this GDB as a service? Will I then be able to set it as my workspace or will I have to change my code significantly? Can I just wack it in a datastore and have the server access it, this is kind of what I thought I had done but maybe my server cant see this storage area.