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Use single sign-on username in Web AppBuilder filter widget?

Question asked by BB1234 on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by lodecombe_DirEtudes

I have a web map:

enter image description here



  • The map has a Web AppBuilder filter widget
  • It uses single sign-on (SSO) authentication


The map has a layer that is integrated from a table in a separate system. Each record in the layer has a USERNAME value (example: JSMITH).


I would like to configure the map so that it:

  1. Grabs the SSO username that it used to authenticate the web map
  2. Filter the records based on the username

What would it take do this? (filter the layer based on the SSO username)


Sorry if I haven't provided enough information about the web map. I really don't know much about the it, but perhaps I could find out more if there are specific questions.