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Using Python or Arcade to auto update Min and/or Max Values of Symbology Classes

Question asked by CarlosBell on Sep 26, 2019
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I am hoping that someone could help me streamline the process for updating symbology class values for an ArcGIS Pro project I am working on.  I get new/refreshed data for this project on a monthly basis.  The project is made up of 30 different layers, that are all connected to the same feature class.  Each layer symbolizes the results of a different variable in that feature class. 


Every month when I update the data of the feature class, I have to manually go through and update the min and/or max value of the symbology.  Other than the min and max values, the other values of each category/class remains the same. 


For example, if the below is the categories/data range, I would only have to make sure that the min and max are updated to reflect the new data. 


Symbology Class Example:

  5 (min) -  200     [Min changes, upper value remains the same from month to month]

  201 - 300           [Lower and upper values remains the same from month to month]

  301 - 500           [Lower and upper values remains the same from month to month]

  501 - 679 (max) [Lower value remains the same, Max value changes]


Currently, I have to open up the symbology for each layer, and manually update the min and max values.  This wouldn't be a big deal if it was couple of layers, but it becomes a bit time consuming given that it's 30 layers. 



Is there a way to use python or maybe Arcade to automate the update of only the min and max values of each layer symbology class? 


Any help is greatly appreciated!!!