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Zone Lookup/Internet Explorer

Question asked by Dante_COE on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Dante_COE

The Zone Lookup app has definitely been useful (thanks for the release). One of our testers graciously pointed out some issues with Internet Explorer (I know, I know). Our personal preferences are Chrome and Firefox, but since this is a public tool, browsers are wildcards. Is the Esri team aware of and/or is there a workaround to any of the following?


1. There's a "Map" button that only appears in IE, and it opens the app with just the title and the search, but the lookup tool doesn't work.



2. Scroll bar is missing. User is unable to scroll through the results beyond what's shown. Scroll wheel doesn't work either.


3. Open/Collapse All doesn't work.


These are screenshots from the sample app in the Esri blog, so it's not specific to our configuration.