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How to install a ArcGIS Pro configuration for all users?

Question asked by m.glasesri-de-esridist Employee on Sep 26, 2019
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In the ArcGIS Pro SDK documentation is mentioned, how you have to install a configuration.

I have some questions about this topic:

  1. The documentation says:

    "RegisterAddin.exe" validates the configuration and copies it to the configurations' well-known folder: C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\ArcGIS\AddIns\ArcGISPro\Configurations

    What if I want to install the configuration not only for one user, but for all? Do I have to use a different folder? Do I have to execute the tool more than once?
  2. What if I want to script the installation process. Could I use this tool and work with parameters?
  3. If I want to uninstall a configuration, is it enough to delete the proConfigX file in the user folder?


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