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ArcGIS Enterprise Builder getting stuck at 'Register Data Stores with GIS Server'

Question asked by benoconnor on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by benoconnor

Hello all,


I've been doing a base installation using ArcGIS Enterprise Builder 10.7.1, but hit a point where the Configuration Wizard appears frozen on the "Register Data Stores with GIS Server" task (it has been like this for about 8 hours):

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder - Configuration Wizard frozen


The install is on a completely fresh Windows Server 2016 VM, and the only bit where I've made any change from default in the installation process are changing the install location to a non-system drive: D:\Program Files\ArcGIS


When asked for the content directory, the default was D:\arcgis. I checked and the installation had already created this folder with a small amount of items in there, but I still accepted that location assumed the default would be best.


The only bit of the installation which had gone non-standard was that I had to run the Software Authorization for ArcGIS Server wizard part way through. But it happily continued with the installation after that.


Does anybody have any ideas for what could be going wrong to cause this freezing up, or any pointers of which log file should be providing the best troubleshooting info? Or maybe what I should check for to see if the installation is actually doing something in the background?


Many thanks!