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Token-based authentication failure provided in the Collector App

Question asked by changheng.yang_OSU_GEOG on Sep 24, 2019
Hello all,
I really appreciate your time in advance. The token-based authentication failure was displayed from the Logs from the Esri Collector App when I tried to make the offline map. I feel this issue may come from the recently installation of federated server and hosting server with the Portal. Before the setup of the federated and hosting server in the Portal, the creation of offline map was working in the Collector.
The “0924TestCampsite” is from the REST service hosted on our own ArcGIS for Server (it is a versioned feature class with the GlobalID). In addition, I have tried to make the offline map in different places (different wifi). However, I get the same error listed below.
It would be appreciated for your opinions.  



Patches installed in the server


Inbound Rules within the firewall with the server

The inBound rules include the ports such as 7443 and 7080


Machine name:


Machine Environment:

One machine has these software packages installed

Server for ArcGIS 10.31 Web Adaptor 

ArcGIS for Server 10.31

Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1 

Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter 

IIS Web Server 8.0 

ArcGIS Data Store 10.31

Collector for ArcGIS Version: 19.1.0

Build 2666

IOS mobile devices