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What's the best way to depict changes throughout time?

Question asked by mkatz_thelliancecenter on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by mkatz_thelliancecenter

By depicting changes throughout time, for example, I would like to show the changes in drought conditions (with polygons) year by year. I have been utilizing the time function in ArcGIS Pro (by accessing time features through the properties tab) but I always run into problems. I feel it is fairly problematic and difficult to work with (when it shouldn't be), as well as I feel that unless I have an excess amount of values, the changes are not "smooth," if that makes sense (sometimes data disappears for example). Is there a better way to depict changes throughout a period of time that others are using? I see better and "smoother" examples in in the living atlas, and I am wondering if people are using different approaches or if I am doing something wrong.