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How to join thousands of rows (date data) from a CSV to a small amount of rows (location county data) in Arc Map Pro

Question asked by mkatz_thelliancecenter on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by bixb0012

I'm not sure I am asking the question correctly, so I will describe my situation. I have a polygon boundary layer with 64 Colorado counties. I also have a CSV with roughly a thousand (1,000) rows that describe drought data for each county along with dates. So it shows changes in drought conditions per county by year from 2000-2019. I would like to show on a map changes in drought conditions as time progresses, and I can do this by geocoding the table, symbolizing the point centroids with graduated colors, and then using the time slider feature in ArcMap Pro. However, because I am using geocoding, these depicts points, but I would prefer to show the county polygons with colors. I am having trouble because since there is only 64 counties, and 1,000+ records, I cannot use the join tool. Is there another way to join, or combine all my data with the polygon shapefiles so I can depict change in drought conditions by colors of polygons (instead of points centroids)?