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georeference non-nadir image

Question asked by snaikpss on Sep 23, 2019

Is there any possibility of georeferencing a non-nadir image in ArcMAP/Pro? I understand we can use only aerial photos or satellite images for georeferencing, however We have a unique situation here where we need to "georeference" non-nadir images. 


I understand that the georeferencing results would not be accurate but I still would like to give it a  try.

I know the XY locations of Top left and Top right of the photograph. The bottom left and bottom right would ideally have the same XY values as the Top left and Right , however there is a difference in the Z values.


I would like to use the elevation values while georeferencing, however we do not get the option of entering Z values in ArcMAp or Pro.



Is there any workaround?